Technotics Software Assets

Software Assets Developed by Technotics

These are assets that Technotics has developed over many enterprise engagements that can quickly be adapted to an organizations specific needs. These allow for targeted custom tooling and lower costs and faster delivery than custom development or even off the shelf applications in many cases.

Notes Client Inventory and Analysis
This application runs in stealth mode and automatically collects hundreds of points of data about a Lotus Notes client workstation configuration and sends it back to a mail-in database.  The information is used for managing workstation configuration and to prepare for Lotus Notes client upgrade projects.

Notes Upgrade Installation Script
This is the Swiss-Army Knife of Notes client installation scripts written in Visual Basic. It can be delivered using the Lotus Notes Smart Upgrade technology.  It can correct installs that were made in unsupported locations, modify a single user install into a multi-user install, or change a multi-user to single user install.  Works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 32/64 bit.

Domino Server Automated Upgrades
Server upgrades must be executed within a small time window.  Technotics has created a Windows server Domino server upgrade process that is based on pre-staging of the server installation kits. Servers are upgraded by administrators who use a simple 4 step menu system and never have to enter a single command line to perform the upgrade.  This upgrade process includes backing up the current configuration, performing the installation with no input required, and performing automatic post upgrade maintenance on Domino system databases.

Domino to AD Synchronization Toolkit
This set of tools allows for synchronization of data from any Domino based data source to Active Directory. This allows for easy integration between the environments without the complexity of setting up separate services or servers. The tools are written in 100% native LotusScript and will run on any Windows workstation or server.

Domino Server monitor
This application consists of a Lotus Notes database with a config document for each server indicating how much waiting email is acceptable. It keys off the server statistic MAIL.TotalPending.  If a server is not available or the mailboxes are over threshold for a server, the application records the condition but does not report it until it occurs a second time.  Server outages are reported directly to the Tivoli Event Console. Mailbox pending mail count alerts are sent directly to the admin team for remediation.

Cluster Monitor
This is an application that consists of a Lotus Notes database with a config document for each cluster.  The document specifies the primary and failover servers. Lotusscript code runs and accesses all files on the primary server and checks to ensure that there is a replica on the failover server.  Reports are created. If files on the failover are missing, a second Lotusscript agent creates replicas on the failover.

Group Manager
This is a Lotusscript application running on a Notes database designed with the PUBNAMES.NTF template.  When a group is created, it records the creator of the group and from that point on tracks all changes to the group and to the person that made the change.

Domino Configuration Monitor
This is a Lotusscript agent that works from a customized database.  It compares "model" server and server configuration documents with documents in production.  If any of the settings are different, a report to administrators is generated.