Cloud Services

Moving to The Cloud?

Choosing a new email system for your Enterprise is something you don’t do every day. It is a process filled with decisions, challenges, and obstacles to be overcome. The benefits could come from many fronts, with a primary driver of costs, and a secondary driver of “easier” sustainability and usability.

We work with the primary vendors in this emerging space:

  • IBM/Lotus
  • Google
  • Microsoft 

This marketplace has been driven into two distinct positions, one of continuing to hold the messaging and collaboration infrastructure on-premises, and one to place the supporting resources in a location commonly referred to as “the cloud.”  But even this is not cut into discreet pieces. An implementation can straddle the resource infrastructure, requiring some to be local and some to be in cloud, or resources in the cloud but in a dedicated portion of the cloud.

The path to maintaining a successful collaboration environment for your enterprise depends on the trusted process of matching your business requirements to the formidable number of choices, while maintaining available budgetary guidelines.