About Technotics

A Solid Practice Built on Experience and Expertise

We build strong personal relationships with our clients to ensure we provide high value with every single engagement.

Technotics was created in 1998 as a consultancy with a focus on IBM/Lotus software.Corporate principals Rob Axelrod and Andy Pedisich are known world-wide as technological experts in a variety of disciplines. This expertise comes from many years of in-the-trenches experience. 

They are also talented speakers, and have given hundreds of training  presentations on a wide array on topics such as security, upgrades, and user management.

Andy and Rob are also programmers who build custom applications for server management, user management, and customized end user elements of messaging and collaboration software to fit the business requirements of their clients.

Over the years, our practice has expanded to include other standard and emerging messaging and collaboration platforms and services from partners such as IBM/Lotus, Google, and Microsoft.

Today, Technotics has an expanded collaboration and messaging skill set that gives us the ability to build, integrate,or totally migrate to cloud solutions.