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Custom Collaboration Solution

For a Fortune 500 Insurance Company

The requirements were:
  • Upgrade Lotus Domino servers
  • Create customized server monitoring solution
  • Create customized cluster management solution
  • Create methodology and migrate users from Microsoft Exchange to Lotus Notes
  • Implement Domino Web Access for 6,000 users
Andy Pedisich's initial project with this this firm was to upgrade Domino servers to from 5.0.10 to 6.5.1. Servers were running on a mix of AIX and Wintel platforms.

Upgrades went quickly because of procedures written by Andy in the AIX shell and in Windows command language. These procedures streamlined upgrades and eliminated errors during installation. The net result was more systems upgraded per approved downtime.

This client was not satisfied with their 3rd party server monitoring package. Instead, Andy developed Lotusscript agents for a Mailbox Monitor application that checked every server at an easily configurable interval to see if it was up and healthy. It also checked the number of messages waiting in the mail.boxes on each server. Alerts were then timely and pro-active steps could be taken to avoid a mail service outage.

Andy also delivered the Cluster Manager Application. This Lotusscript app ensures that there is a replica database on a failover server for every one on the primary server in a cluster. It develops a report to show where files are missing, and then automatically creates the replica.

Andy migrated users from MS Exchange to Lotus Notes using native Lotus Notes migration tools and techniques rather than using expensive 3rd party migration software.

Domino Web Access was implemented using an IBM Webseal reverse proxy installation for authentication and the Single Sign On capabilities of Lotus Notes/Domino. Andy customized many aspects of Webseal, LDAP, Lotus Notes, and the Lotus Notes Web Redirector application. It now runs as a highly effective and very popular method for accessing Lotus Notes mail while users are on the road.