Domain Audit

The Technotics Lotus Notes/Domino Domain Audit

A Comprehensive Review of Your Domain’s Configuration and Architecture

The Technotics Domain Audit is a detailed examination of your domain’s configuration.  It helps to ensures you are implementing best practices for security and stability and that you are making best use of available features.

We look at all aspects of the environment, extract key points of information, and bring it together into a big picture of where you are and where you should be.

This expert overview of your Notes environment is performed by two Notes consultants known worldwide for their knowledge and experience with Lotus Notes and Domino, Andy Pedisich and Rob Axelrod of Technotics, Inc.
The Strategic Advantages

  • A comprehensive review by experts with years of hands-on admin experience in large and small Lotus Notes environments
  • An objective shakeout of problematic configurations to improve service level stability
  • A prioritization of the tasks you need to do to bring the domain up to Best Practice specs
  • The vital assurance that your security infrastructure is rock solid
How We Audit Your Lotus Notes Domain

Technotics interviews key members of your Notes Team to gain insight into existing issues that might need more study during the audit.

We then dig deeper, examining all configuration aspects of the Domino Directory that affect security, servers, users and stability. We complete the audit by looking at server logs, policies, statistic collection, diagnostic collection, event notification and monitoring systems ensuring they are configured to maximize their value.

Your Team's Domain Audit Report

Your Domain Audit Report will contain key information that will help you clean up existing issues and optimize your Lotus Notes/Domino messaging and collaboration system. The report has all discovered issues complete with recommended resolution actions. The issues are divided into Critical, Intermediate and Low Impact categories to help your team prioritize their tasks.