Administration Support

The Technotics Administration Support Program

Subscription-based "On-Demand" Technical Assistance

The Technotics Administration Support Program is an on-demand service offered by Technotics, Inc. which allows your Enterprise to leverage the Lotus Notes/Domino expertise of Technotics whenever it is needed without bearing the expense of hiring high-level experts full time.

This program is meant to complement, enhance and augment basic services that are already provided in most cases by Lotus Notes/Domino administrators within the Enterprise.

Our service assists Lotus Notes/Domino administrators and application designers by ensuring the availability of Technotics resources at any time to assist with design projects, domain enhancements, or troubleshooting.

The Strategic Advantages
  • Expert architectural and design support ensuring service continuity
  • Dependable resources for strategic projects that improve messaging and collaboration environments
  • Experienced escalation point for issues related to the Domino platform
  • Ready access to Technotics knowledge, experience, and network of contacts for technical advice and rapid problem resolution
Technotics builds a relationship with your Enterprise though a monthly retainer commitment for a specific number of hours of support.

Having ready access to this high level of expertise eliminates the delay inherent in retaining consulting services due to internal approvals processes as well as the time it takes to find those services.

It’s a financially advantageous way to bring in top quality expertise with low risk and high return.